Nokia has Raspberry Pi vouchers for 400 Qt developers

You’ll have seen quite a buzz here about Qt on Raspberry Pi, alongside some of the prettiest demos that have been submitted to us so far. At next week’s Qt Dev Days in San Francisco, developers will have a chance to play with one of the few alpha boards in the wild. Nokia are one of our partners, and have done a large amount of engineering on this, convincing us that Qt’s a really good fit for the platform while they’re at it. They’ve negotiated with us to guarantee to sell them 400 beta boards when we start to ship. They’re going to be giving those boards away to Qt 5 developers who are willing to port software, develop apps, and test and improve the Qt 5 Linux stack. You don’t need to attend Qt Dev Days to qualify, but you do need to be a verifiable Qt developer with some idea of what you’re wanting to do with the board.

If you’re a Qt developer who wants to get their hands on a free board (I’m looking at you, team Tampere), visit Nokia’s Qt blog to find out how to apply.