Next week…

Eben and I are taking a week off from this evening. (“But you went skiing in January!”, I hear you howl through my monitor. Yes, we did; but I only did two days actually enjoying myself before twisting a knee and then spent the rest of the time working, so a period of time with the laptop lid closed is something I’m feeling quiveringly excited about. It’s also probably necessary in the long term for my continued sanity.)

My time online will be very limited this week; you may see a couple of blog posts, but don’t hold your breath. And unless it’s incredibly urgent, I will not be responding to email; by “urgent”, I am talking about things in the class of haemorrhages and plagues of frogs.

Things round here won’t stop entirely, though. The forums are really lively at the moment, while so many of you are receiving your Raspberry Pis. There are now tens of thousands out there in the hands of users, with more are arriving every day. Please head over and join in the conversation, whether you’re a veteran programmer or a newbie owner; there’s stuff there for everyone, and the community is very friendly and helpful. The mods will be keeping an eye on things here in the comments section and on the forums while we’re away. Thank you guys; I really appreciate it!