New website design is here!

As you’ll know if you’ve been following us here and on social media recently, we’ve been hard at work redeveloping the Raspberry Pi website. We’re excited to announce our new-look site today! You’ll find this new site has the following features:

  • Optimised for use with the Raspberry Pi
  • Handsome retro look and feel
  • Elegant colour scheme
  • ASCII art for the new millennium
  • Tastes of electric limes when licked.

Have a look around and tell us what you think! Many thanks to Ben Nuttall for his design work, which we plan on using to repel new customers from now on.

Update (2nd April): Yes, it was an April Fool’s prank. We’re really pleased so many of you enjoyed the site yesterday, and feel sorry for those of you who got really upset about it. It turned out to be one of our most commented posts ever. We intend to make the stylesheet available as a novelty (don’t worry, we won’t force it upon you).

Update (4th April): You can now view the site in glorious monospace by appending ?fool to the end of any URL on the site e.g.