New subforums for German, Spanish and Portuguese speakers

If you come to our forums today, you’ll notice a small change in the Community area: we’ve introduced new subforums for German, Spanish and Portuguese readers to go with the existing (and very popular) French forum.

If the introduction of these new areas continues to go smoothly, we hope to introduce some more to the mix later on. Meanwhile, your tireless team of moderators will be attending night school to brush up on their languages. And whatever language you speak, please dive into the forums if you haven’t visited before: you’ll find answers there to any question you can imagine to do with the Raspberry Pi, and meet some brilliant people.

12.19 PST, Aug 3 – Scep just sent me this graph to show how many new subscribers the forums have been getting this month. Boy, that’s a lot of you. Come and join in the fun if you haven’t already – the community’s great, and growing all the time.