New Raspbian, Debian and Arch Linux images

Update: copied Alex’s summary of the changes to Raspbian from the comments into the post.

We’ve just posted updated Raspbian, Debian and Arch Linux images on the downloads page, all of which include our most recent firmware and kernel. Raspbian has the following significant changes:

  • Updated Scratch image (significant performance improvements).
  • Updated armv6-optimised Pixman library.
  • Updated armv6-optimised memxxx() functions.
  • Updated raspi-config with new layout, and new functionality (setting hostname and enabling camera support).
  • Native mmap support in the bcm2835 ALSA driver, and numerous other firmware changes; see commits to
  • The boot partition now has the label “boot”.
  • The Wayland/Weston preview from Collabra is installed and their apt repository is included as an apt source.