New issue of The MagPi – and now you can buy a print edition too!

Things have been very busy in The MagPi‘s nesting box this month. We saw Ash in early September, and he mentioned that plans were afoot to do something the MagPi editorial team hadn’t imagined would be possible a few months ago. They were going to attempt to produce a print edition.

And being the well-oiled team they are, they got it done in a month. The MagPi will always be available as a free PDF download, but so many of you had asked for a print magazine version that producing one economically is now possible for Will, Ash, Jason, Meltwater and the rest of the team. You can order via Mod My Pi (there’s a big link to buy at the top of The MagPi homepage too). A copy is a pocket-money-friendly £2.99 (£2.49 ex tax).

As with so many parts of the Raspberry Pi ecosystem, The MagPi is a completely independent, volunteer-run, community project. We think they’re doing wonderful things, and encourage you to support them in producing this brilliantly educational, entertaining magazine each month by buying a copy, or helping with the writing and production yourself – the guys are always looking for new volunteers.

This month’s issue features the return of the skutter robot, instructions on making a portable power supply to make your Pi mobile, a Halloween project (for which you will require a pumpkin to go with your Pi), programming tutorials, interviews, competitions and much more. I’ll be ordering my own copy as soon as I’m back in the UK next week.