Multimedia demo at the Transfer Summit

Some more video for you today, this time not filmed by us (the camera announced that the only SD card I’d brought was corrupted 1.10 mins into Eben’s talk), but by Andy Piper, one of the conference attendees, whom I had a very enjoyable time talking to. Andy filmed this on his phone while I was busy pressing the open-source flesh – thanks very much for putting the video on YouTube, Andy!

Raspberry Pi video capabilities

A quick look at a pre-production Raspberry Pi board and in particular the video output capabilities, showing an HD video running in Linux from an SD card. You can find out much more about this cool project at and look at their FAQ to learn the details.

What you’re seeing in the video is the Raspberry Pi running h.264 video at 1080p. (We didn’t have the audio hooked up so we could talk to people while it was running.) At the point this video was taken, this demo had been running for about 8 hours. I was busily getting attendees to feel the SoC, to emphasise the fact that it only draws 1W, staying surprisingly cool.

A couple of other notes for today. First of all, we’re aware we’re having sign-up problems with the message board and mailing list. This is because of a shonky MailPress update, which we’re trying to fix at the moment. And secondly, this week’s Slashdot Q&A is with our very own Eben Upton, so if there’s a burning question you’d like to ask him, head over to Slashdot and leave a post.