Movember: two days to go!

You might remember that Eben has been taking part in Movember this month, giving over his top lip to charity for thirty days. He’s raising money for men’s mental health, in memory of our friend Oggie, who died in 2007. He elected for the Magnum PI look (geddit?), but sadly, as the month has progressed, we have come to realise that Tom Selleck’s ability to grow hair on the top of his head as well helped him to avoid looking like an angry square-basher and gave him a certain Hawaiian je ne sais quoi. Eben lacks that tonsurial ability, and has found that his moustache makes him look very…military.

We call this look the “Brigadier who has smelled something nasty”.

The moustache has been very well travelled this month. Here it is in Cornwall:

…and we call this look the “Oswald Mosely”.

And here it is in Manchester, being concealed behind a handy insta-hipster window.

The moustache, in its early π symbol incarnation, accompanied us to Wales on visit to Sony, where it was mocked roundly (mostly by me, if I’m to be completely honest), resulting in the loss of its…wings.

Back in Cambridge, Eben discovered that there is at least one benefit to owning a moustache: namely, if your hands are full and your nose is itchy, you can use your top lip to scratch it.

And most recently, the moustache has been to New York, where it caused untold problems at immigration (the passport inspector had one look at Eben’s passport photo and one look at him, and said: “What the hell happened to you?”).

At the Intrepid Museum in New York. Only one of the nose cones on display has enough room underneath it for a LUXURIANT MOUSTACHE.

The moustache has not been to space.

Eben has had a tough month. People who have not heard of Movember believe he’s growing it in earnest, people who have heard of it are pointing and laughing, and I am finding it hard to bestow wifely kisses on him without sniggering. Most recently he has found himself having to trim it every morning because the hairs get in his mouth and tickle his lips. And Mooncake the cat is confused by the moustache, and nibbles it in the night.

So he (and I) would be very grateful if you could send some last-minute moustache sponsorship by clicking here or on any of the pictures.

Roll on December 1.