Movember 2013: look! Eben can grow hair on at least one part of his head!

This year, Eben’s participating in Movember, and growing a moustache to raise funds for men’s mental health, in memory of our very dear friend Chris “Oggie” Lightfoot, who died in 2007. He’s been growing the hairs on the lower part of his face out since November 1, and now has enough stubble to shape into a moustache. We’re taking suggestions for precisely what shape to shave it into in the comments here: the rules state that handlebar moustaches are fine but may not link to either his chin or his sideburns, ‘cos those aren’t moustaches: they’re beards.

Facial hair after five days’ concentrated growth. Click to donate.

I should point out that giving November over to the production of a moustache is more onerous for me than it is for Eben. I have to put up with kissing a husband with bristles; my Dad shouting in restaurants “That’ll tickle your fancy, Liz! Bwa haha!” (Dad, I expect a large donation from you to make up for the embarrassment from that, and I am not eating in public with you again this month); and trimming the thing for him in the mornings. So please give generously. I’d like to feel that this month is worth it.

Eben is very, very bad indeed at growing hair on some parts of his head, but we are hoping for luxuriant results given that this only involves the area under his nose. Please let us know below just what shape you think his face-topiary should take. I’ve got a veto on this one, so moustaches resembling those of dictators from history will not be attempted, but you never know: you might come up with something we like.