Monty, a Raspberry Pi personal assistant

Liz: James Gallagher is 13 years old. He sent me a little bit of information about a voice-activated personal assistant project he’s been working on: I thought it was so neat that I asked him to write about it here. Over to James!

I envisioned an idea where you could rather than controlling your computer with a mouse, you can do it with your voice. This got me thinking, Siri is available for Apple devices and Cortana is available for Windows devices but what about Linux? So I embarked on a project to attempt to bring this ability to the Raspberry Pi, I know that it would take a long time and might not happen however I stuck at it and finally created a product. Meet “Monty”! Named The “Monty” Project, I made a piece of software where you could interact with your Raspberry Pi via Voice. So far, you can execute some basic commands that would normally be used in terminal and you can exchange pleasantries.

Some basic commands include asking it about the news and weather, some mathematical questions, launching programs and executing commands normally done through terminal. Also adding items to Crontab and lots lots more! This program takes advantage of the Web API’s available from Wolfram Alpha and RSS Feeds to send data to the program where it then speaks what you asked. Below you will see a video demo of the software in action.

Monty Program Official Showcase.

Showing off my Monty speech program with more advanced commands including navigate to a directory and list files in a directory. It also shows off the log it takes a little better and shows that at one point it misunderstood me. Thank you for watching.

I created this to provide an experience I couldn’t find anywhere else and to help others use computers or just have some fun. I showcased “Monty” at my school and allowing others to attempt to speak to my Raspberry Pi and proved effective. I hope to attend some Raspberry Pi conferences to show it off to the public and give others the chance to use it before release. When the software is released there will be an API with full documentation so that it will be easy for you to configure the software and are it your own.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

Note: Right now this software is still in Beta and not publicly available, the release window is July-December 2016. There are more features I hope to implement and still quite a few bugs to iron out. Please follow me on Twitter to keep up to date with the software. @James1Gallagher