Merry Christmas!

Attention ESD Protected area

Eben and I are taking a couple of days away from the website, so we can spend some time with our family. There are a few new treats around the place for you this Christmas – have a look at the About page, play with our new forum software…and enjoy these new high-res pictures of the beta boards.

Raspberry Pi beta board

Raspberry Pi beta board, top. Click to enlarge.

Raspberry Pi beta board, back view

Raspberry Pi beta board, back view. Click to enlarge. (Note that the SD card reader hasn't been soldered into place yet on this one!)

The video I took on Friday at the factory hasn’t been edited yet because I’ve been busy database hacking all day, trying to get the new forum all peachy; it’ll be up after the holidays.

Have a great Christmas, everybody; we’ll see you in a few days.