Mashup Minecraft with The MagPi #41

The New Year 2016 edition of the official Raspberry Pi magazine is out now!

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For many of our new readers this marks the magazine’s ‘difficult second album’, which begs the question: how do you top the first magazine in history to to give away a free computer on its cover?

Obviously, we can’t, but what we can do is deliver on one of the promises we made on last month’s cover – learning to code while you play Minecraft. We’ve collected some of our favourite Minecraft ideas and experiments for this month’s cover feature, some of which cross the void between Minecraft’s virtual world and our own. It’s not to be missed!

Elsewhere this issue we celebrate ESA Astronaut Tim Peake’s successful arrival on the International Space Station with some more of our favourite Astro Pi-inspired Sense HAT projects, and we’re helping you get the best possible start to 2016 with 10 New Year’s resolutions made possible with the help of the Raspberry Pi.

Subscriber copies of #41 will be dropping through letterboxes all over the world between Christmas and New Year.

Highlights from #41:

  • Minecraft Mashups
    Stunning Raspberry Pi projects that bring Minecraft’s virtual world to life
  • Your #PiZero projects
    Some of your best ideas and creations made with the $5 computer
  • Sense HAT special
    We celebrate Tim’s successful launch with more games and guides
  • New Year, new you!
    Awesome projects to help keep you honest in 2016
  • And much, much more!

As always, you can download your copy of The MagPi completely free. Grab it straight from the front page of The MagPi’s website.

Don’t forget, though, that like sales of the Raspberry Pi itself, all proceeds from the print and digital editions of the magazine go to help the Foundation achieve its charitable goals. Help us democratise computing!

If you want something more tangible to play with, you’ll be glad to hear you can get the print edition in more stores than ever:

And all good newsagents

US readers will be able to buy the fabled #40 with its free #PiZero covermount from either Barnes & Noble or Micro Center from around the 16th January 2016.

Rather shop online? The Raspberry Pi Swag Store has copies that can be delivered practically anywhere in the world.

If you still want to start a new subscription with #40, with a free #PiZero and a free cable bundle, you can! Just make sure you select the right option when you sign-up online or over the phone.

#41 will be arriving with readers between Christmas and New Year!

MAKE GAMES WITH PYTHON – new e-book out now!
Finally this month we’ve released the second in a new The MagPi Essentials e-book range. This time we’re showing you how to make games with Python on your Raspberry Pi.

Download the e-book for free or help raise funds for The Raspberry Pi Foundation by buying it on Apple & Android devices

It’s available as a free PDF download or as a digital edition on The MagPi app for Android and Apple devices. We’d love to learn about the games and interactive applications you make!