Learn more about the Raspberry Pi 3 in The MagPi 43!

As you may remember from earlier in the week, the Raspberry Pi 3 is here! The latest version of the Raspberry Pi is the most powerful one yet, and brings with it a whole host of new features such as wireless LAN, Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth Low Energy. In issue 43 of The MagPi, we go in depth into all the changes, upgrades and differences that you can expect from the Raspberry Pi 3.

A great cover that you probably haven't seen before today

A great cover that you probably haven’t seen before today

We also have an interview with Eben Upton and James Adams on the creation of the Raspberry Pi 3 and the wireless radio that makes the new headline features possible. There are tips and tutorials on how to get started with Raspberry Pi 3 and finally a full suite of benchmarks so you know just how much more powerful the Pi 3 is than its predecessors.

Issue 43 has more than just Raspberry Pi 3 though: there’s a big Astro Pi update as Ed and Izzy are turned on up in space, we look at an amazing Pi Zero cluster board, hack Minecraft with the Bedrock Challenge, and all our usual array of projects, tutorials and reviews.

Make a musical rhythm game in Python with Clef Hero

Make a musical rhythm game in Python with Clef Hero

Highlights from issue 43:

  • Astro Pi switch on!
    Ed and Izzy have both been turned on, and make your own Astro Pi
  • Minecraft Bedrock Challenge
    Hack Minecraft Pi to create this fun game for you and your friends
  • Open-source licence guide
    Why you should consider open-source for your next project
  • Raspiwhales
    There are Pis in space, and then there are Pis that ride on whales
  • And much, much more!
Learn all about what's new with the Raspberry Pi 3

Learn all about what’s new with the Raspberry Pi 3

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