Logo competition – we have a winner!

Collating all the results was like herding cats. We ended up adding some of the developers to the voting panel to try to break the deadlock, only to find that they were equally indecisive – lots of those involved insisted on voting for five or six logos at a time. An additional hiccup introduced itself when one of the finalists emailed us to withdraw, kicking the counting off again. We’re sorry about the delay: I hope you’ll agree that the logo we chose was worth it!

Congratulations to Paul Beech, whose logo had the largest number of votes from the panel because of its graphical simplicity, its adaptability and ease of reproduction (it works well in only one colour as well as in the three-colour version you see above, and doesn’t have any holes of the sort that would prevent us from using cutouts), and the fact that it looks darned friendly and delightfully raspberrysome. The raspberry here is actually a 3d buckyball, which is a nice reminder of π. The designer points out that a buckyball has 32 faces, and that 11 are visible in the logo – the Raspberry Pi has a 32-bit processor and an ARM11 on board (someone got awfully lucky with the numbers here).

Thank you to everybody who participated. We had so many entries that it made judging very difficult, and we were overwhelmed by the quality of what came in. We’ll be posting some of the runners-up here next week.