Live-streaming YouTube Drone

I’ll be tweeting, recording, and schmoozing my way through day one of Bett tomorrow. One thing I sadly won’t be able to do is live-stream to YouTube via drone.

Turn Your Raspberry Pi into the Open Source Drone Youtube Live Video Streamer

Raspberry Pi Video Streamer Pack Now on Kickstarter! for SD Card image and how to write image to SD Card: for more info:

However, thanks to this handy guide from Mahmut on Hackaday, such dreams could possibly be realised for future Raspberry Pi events, such as Skycademy and the Big Birthday Weekend.

YouTube Drone

Mahmut uses an LTE shield to supply 4G access to the onboard Raspberry Pi and Camera Module. Then, using the image he supplies here, you’re good to go.

If you want to make your own Pi-powered drone, you’ll find Greg Nichols’s step-by-step guide for building one here. Greg uses a Pi Zero and the total cost comes in under $200.

A Raspberry Pi Zero drone

This video shows a Linux drone made with the PXFmini ( autopilot shield for the Raspberry Pi Zero. The drone runs a customized Debian file system with real-time capabilities and the APM flight stack.

The small, lightweight nature of the Raspberry Pi makes it perfect for drone building. If you’ve made your own, we’d love to see it in the comments below.



Sadly my Raspberry Pi Zero or B2, Python autonomous motion controlled drone can’t live-stream video to youtube as the camera is videoing the ground, using the macro-blocks to track lateral motion.


Is there any tutorial for streaming video over wifi?


Uh, you can use the same tutorial, except instead of the LTE shield, get another USB wifi dongle that is known to work with the Raspberry PI. That would be the easiest solution to follow the same guide. Then configure that second USB wifi to connect to your Access Point that has internet access or your phone with hotspot enabled. That is really all the LTE shield is being used for in this case is to get on the internet. All other information will be the same. The only issue would be with wifi you are now limited to stay within the 300 ft range of whatever Access Point you are using, hence using LTE here.


I suggest to try wifibroadcast –
using RPi’s, of course.


I was wondering if any remote control will work or not?


Funny….I was wondering why the remote is there in the first place if the network connection is made ? A phone would be possible …. Not ?


I believe the remote is to control the movement of the drone.
The internet to return the image to ground.

Personally i would NOT use the internet or a phone to control the drone movements. Reaction time may not be fast enough to avoid an obstacle, ex: tree, people…


“LIVE-STREAMING YOUTUBE DRONE” is about the most millennial phrase I’ve ever heard.


You can use our Raspberry Pi based video streaming tool, see here

The tool uses Gstreamer to create a video pipline. It’s specifically designed for the 3DR Solo, but you can use the setup and the approach to create your own tool.


sorry the link was supposed to point to the help page,

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