LEGO NesPi case

Some weeks ago, a mysterious package arrived at New Pi Towers, from Spain. It made its way to my desk. I opened it.

Lego bricks and instructions for the NesPi Raspberry Pi case tipped out onto Helen's desk

It began to attract a lot of visitors. is a Raspberry Pi and accessories retailer in Spain, with a bricks-and-mortar shop as well as an online store. They’re the creators of the wonderful NesPi, a LEGO case that is a tender homage to the 1985 Nintendo Entertainment System. NesPi’s 108 pieces come with a 30-page instruction booklet, and once you’ve spent a happy quarter of an hour or so re-living contented moments from your childhood, you get this:

Completed LEGO NesPi case, with Pi inside

RaspiPC have been careful to stick as closely as they possibly can to the original NES design, while maintaining access to the Pi’s ports and to the SD card. It’s a thoroughly pleasing object. If you’d like one too, you can buy one from