KidsRuby on Raspberry Pi – another video demo

Our friends at The Hybrid Group managed, as it turns out, to beat us by a day in being the first people to demo an alpha board in the USA last week. KidsRuby is what it sounds like – a Ruby for kids – and it’s running beautifully on the Raspberry Pi. This is exactly the sort of application we want to see on the device, and we’re really pleased to see it up and running. It looks like there will be some optimisation for speed before we launch, but what’s there already is very useable.

Ron Evans from the Hybrid Group did a presentation at the Golden Gate Ruby Conference in California, where the Raspberry Pi was rolled out at the end (to a very encouraging ripple of applause). Unfortunately the video is too big for us to embed here – if you want to watch it, go to the conference website. The Raspberry Pi makes its appearance at 17:08, but the whole talk is well worth your time.