Kids and their Raspberry Pis

A picture post today; I thought it was time to remind you all what this project’s really about. Thanks to all the proud parents who sent photos in!

Emma, age 4

Ben, age 11

Robin, age 8, who set the Raspberry Pi up very competently on his own using the Quick Start guide.

Peter, age 65, and Sam, age 10 - and some LEGO

Mikey, age 4. Dad says: "Mikey is more excited than me (only just). Now I know how my father felt when he brought home the ZX." Mikey wants to be a software developer like his Dad when he grows up.

Megan, age 5

Lexy (10) and Margaret (9) - a couple of friends making games in Scratch after school.

Lautaro, age 3 (in blue), and his brother Joaquin, age 2 (in red)

And Lautaro again, with a very fine case made from Rasti, a LEGO-alike from Argentina.

James, age 10

Jac, age 7.

Here's Jac again. He is writing a game called "Animal Fury", and says it will be "Like Monkey Quest but awesome because you can choose polar bears and they shoot guns." Thanks Jac (and thanks Dad!)

Harry, age 15, using a Raspberry Pi at school.

Sophie, 6, and Emma, 4, demo their Raspberry Pi for Granny.

Sophie and Emma's first bit of Python, constructing nonsense sentences. Sophie has also written a two-player noughts and crosses game.

Emily, age 5. There's something funny about this one, but I can't quite put my finger on it.

Ella is 2 and a half. She's using GCompris, which is a great educational software choice for really little kids; it's designed for children aged 2-10. Click the picture to visit Ella's Dad's blog, with lots more Ella pics.

Daisy, age 4

Cohen, age 8

Ameera, age 10

Thanks again to all the parents who let us use these pictures, and especially to all the kids!