Jack the (DVD) Ripper

The shelves in my living room are groaning under the weight of DVD boxed sets – and I just can’t bring myself to sit down and rip them all. All that waiting around! And it’s impossible to remember that you’re going to have to swap discs to and from a drive every hour or so. So the pile of boxed sets grows, and grows, and grows, and soon I will have enough be able to start building a new house to keep the DVDs in out of the packaging.

So I was extremely pleased to be introduced to Jack the (DVD) Ripper, a 3d printed, Raspberry Pi-powered device that pulls a DVD from a stack, drops it into a drive, and, when the drive opens after ripping is finished, picks it up again and puts it in another pile.

The whole system runs autonomously, so you can go and get on with whatever it is you do when you aren’t ripping DVDs.

Andy Ayre, who built the project, has made a five-part tutorial available, with an introduction and parts list, mechanics, electronics, software and troubleshooting tips. Datasheets, documentation, software and everything else you’ll need are available on GitHub. We love it – you get to save a ton of time and have some fun with 3d printing and motors, all at once.