Has your March/April order just been pushed back to May? Read this!

We’ve had a lot of people mail us and tweet about this today. If you were expecting a March/April delivery and got an email from Element14/Premier Farnell this morning saying delivery had been pushed back, please don’t despair: it appears to be a mistake. We’ve contacted Farnell about it and they’ve come back to say they’ve added this to their Raspberry Pi FAQ:

Q: I got an email from Farnell element14 stating that my delivery date for the Raspberry Pi I ordered is now into May or June, is this correct?

A: Sorry! We updated the data in our system so that new customers placing their pre-order would be advised of the delivery date at the end of May or beginning of June.  If you originally had an estimated delivery date in March or April, your delivery estimate is still as per the original communication.

Sorry for the confusion. As you were!