Guest blogs and EVE Alpha

You are at home: a dark cupboard under the stairs of Raspberry Pi Towers. The screen of an Escom P75 glows faintly, warding off grues. To the east, faint cracks of light define an small, unfamiliar door.

You have a sonic screwdriver, a half-eaten packet of Spangles and a Bable Fish.

>open door, e
You scuttle crab-like into the hallway, shielding your eyes against the violent glare. To the north, a vast marble staircase sweeps upwards and out of sight. There is a largish machine being operated down the hall to the east. A bust of Clive Sinclair squats purposefully in an alcove to the south.

>examine bust
The bust is beautifully sculpted from snow-white alabaster and has a faint, eerie glow. A ragged sign hangs around its neck by garden twine.

>read sign
Written in red crayon on the back of a Netto cornflake box it says, “Back in two weeks. All passwords are ‘123456’. Sort it out.”

And that, dear readers, is the true story of how I found myself looking after the blog for a fortnight. Please bear with me as I’m rather etiolated…

Guest blogs and EVE Alpha

Thanks to everyone who sent in a guest blog: there’s some amazing stuff going on out there and we really are privileged to have such a talented and passionate community. The first guest blog will be posted tomorrow with regular appearances thereafter.

In the meantime, Dominic of Nottingham Hackspace has told us about a wireless development board for the Raspberry Pi called EVE Alpha, developed by some of the Hackspace folk and a tiny local electronics firm CISECO.  It’s on Kickstarter if you want further details and/or to support it. I’m posting this now because EVE alpha is being demonstrated at the Nottingham Raspberry Jam tomorrow, Tuesday 6th November.  Get down to the Cape Bar on Victoria Street in Nottingham  for 6.30pm and say hello! Sorry for the (very) short notice but if you are in the area then this is a chance to be one of the first to see what looks to be a very interesting piece of kit.