Game of Thrones Nintendo keytar hack

What do you get if you cross a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), a Guitar Hero Controller, a Famicom Controller, a Raspberry Pi and a toy keyboard?

venn diagram

You don’t *really* get a duck-billed platypus, but this Venn diagram is so good I had to work it in somehow.

What you actually get is this: a homemade keytar which uses the NES’s lovely grungy old 8-bit analogue sound chip to make sweet, sweet synthesised tunes.

Theremin Hero has built the keytar of our dreams. He says a build diary is coming soon – from what we can make out there’s a degree of sophistication in there, with the Guitar Hero controller providing octave up/down, slide and modulation input; we’re dying to find out what that Famicom controller is doing. (I’ll update this post when build details are available.)

I am off now to fall down the YouTube rabbit hole of laser harps and theremins. Thanks Theremin Hero – this is mind-alteringly fabulous.