Fuze – a ZX Spectrum emulator running on Raspberry Pi

At the celebrations for the BBC Micro’s 30th birthday on Sunday (more on that to come, when the organisers’ videos are available), we met the rather excellent Andy Taylor. Andy volunteers for the UK Computer Museum, and had been working on getting their Raspberry Pi software ready to exhibit at the event. Rather than sitting back and twiddling his thumbs when he was done, he decided to fill his spare time by porting Fuze, a ZX Spectrum emulator, to the Raspberry Pi. I’m not sure why (nostalgia’s a powerful thing), but seeing Manic Miner running on a Raspberry Pi was, for me, even cooler than seeing Quake 3 back when we demoed it last year. (I note we never did set up that Deathmatch. I shall add it to the Big List of Things to Do.)

Andy also took some device photos on the day which are on Flickr. You might want to swing over; there’s a good shot of the underside of the board, which is something I know some of you have wanted to see more of.