From FishPi to LittleBox – a Kickstarter to turn your Pi into a desktop PC

Remember Greg Holloway, the mind behind FishPi? He did a guest post for us about a year ago (complete with kraken) about the difficulties of making an autonomous, solar powered, ocean-going robot.

He’s now launched Littlebox, a Kickstarter for a DIY kit to turn your Pi into a desktop PC.

There’s a resistive touchscreen! A USB hub! A lovely little GPIO panel that’s brought out in the front of the unit! Speakers and an amp! Greg has details of the development over at Instructibles if you want to learn more about the build.

We think it’s a great project, and we hope you’ll consider funding it. Littlebox’s Kickstarter only went live yesterday, so there are still some Earlybird packages left – go and check it out!