Fran Scott’s explosions-based computing

We were wowed by this at Bett 2015, so we were delighted when we saw that Bett had published a video of it. Top science explainer Fran Scott uses Raspberry Pis with fruity inputs and explosive outputs to introduce key computer science concepts to kids, teens, and people who love pyrotechnics (which is all of us, and especially Clive). Her show is called #Error404: The Explosions-based Computing Show.

BETT Arena 2015: #Error404: Fran Scott

Error404: The Explosions-based Computing Show Fuelled by the recent change in the curriculum, Fran has turned her skills to producing a stage show all about Computer Science. “#Error 404” is a high-octane coding stage show ideal for KS2-3.

Fancy doing something similar yourself? Fran’s a trained pyrotechnician and a member of the Association of Stage Pyrotechnicians, and even Clive admits that we should leave the explosions to her, but you can safely use your Raspberry Pi to make a balloon go bang with our Balloon Pi-tay Popper resource.