Four Years of Pi

We are going to be doing some celebrating here at Pi Towers on Monday: February 29 is the 4th anniversary (or 1st, if you’re prissy about leap years) of the first sales of the Raspberry Pi 1.

We’ll have more reminiscing to do on the day, but to whet your appetite, here’s an absolutely wonderful video (for which read: “a video that made Liz cry again”) from Matt Timmons-Brown, aka The Raspberry Pi Guy, celebrating what the Raspberry Pi community has achieved over the last four years.

Four years of Pi!

Four years. One leap year. 8 million Raspberry Pis. I was an 11 year old school boy when I first heard about the Raspberry Pi in 2011. It seemed pretty darn cool that I could own a personal computer for under £30.

I liked this so much I thought it deserved to stay up over the weekend rather than getting swallowed up in Monday’s blog post of reminiscences: enjoy! (Thanks Matt!)