Formula Pi – the latest from PiBorg

Formula Pi is the latest Kickstarter project to come from PiBorg, the team responsible for the ZeroBorg motor controller, the wonderful DiddyBorg robot, plus a bunch of other wonderful Pi creations. We’re big fans.

Formula Pi

Allowing backers from across the globe to participate, the Formula Pi project consists of two race events. Competing in either the Summer or Winter Series (or in both if they want), participants modify code to run the autonomous Pi Zero-powered cars around 23 laps of the course.

Formula Pi - Self-Driving Robot

The team at PiBorg have done the majority of hard work, building the cars and writing the basic code. Entrants then have the chance to add to the code before it’s inserted into their car via SD card, to give their robots an edge – and the race begins.

Claire, Tim and the PiBorg team aim to continue the Formula Pi experience, expanding on the races to allow for different classes, speeds, and coding challenges. They also plan to include a battle series in which a MeArm is attached to their YetiBorg, creating the ultimate fighting ArmyBorg.

Simpsons fighting robot

Both Summer and Winter Series races will be broadcast live for everybody to watch. (We’ll be covering them here.) If you want to take a active part, entry will cost £35, which includes a customisable ‘lid’ for your car, giving you the chance to make your racer stand out from the competition.

Formula Pi Self-Driving Robots

Code will be made available to all racers once the Kickstarter campaign ends on August 22nd, allowing time for modifications before race day. Rewards for backing the Formula Pi campaign include having your logo placed upon the track, owning your own YetiBorg racing robot, and the chance to name the first corner of the track.

Formula Pi

For more information on the PiBorg Formula Pi campaign, plus a few chuckles at the outtakes of making a car ‘driverless’, check their Kickstarter page out now.

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