Eben Upton, forgetful packer; Liz Upton, forgetful poster

We meant to get the new forums up and running this weekend, but it turns out that Eben left the bit of paper on which he’d scribbled the credentials he needed to SSH into the server on my desk in the UK. We’re in California until the end of the week, so we’ve had to push the forum upgrade back until we return. Sorry all!

And then I meant to hit the publish button on this post about eight hours ago, but it appears that I forgot before jumping into the car to drive to a meeting and then another hotel. I just opened my laptop to find a draft staring me down incriminatingly. More apologies; I know this isn’t a very convenient time of day for a new post for some of you.

In other news, there’s a new QtonPi image on the downloads page you might want to try out. And our friend Dr Sue Black has some great pictures of herself, the Colossus rebuild at Bletchley Park (Colossus, for those who aren’t familiar, was the first digital, electronic, programmable computer, and was used to break Nazi code at Bletchley Park in the 1940s), and a Raspberry Pi on her Posterous; she also has a question we haven’t been able to properly answer. What is the difference in size/compute power between Colossus and a Raspberry Pi? Someone in the comments on Posterous suggested using MIPS (million instructions per second) to calculate the answer, but we don’t think that’s a meaningful way to do it – after all, Colossus is a single-purpose machine. (Given that fact, is there any meaningful way to make the Colossus/Raspberry Pi calculation?) Any smartypants in the audience should leave an answer in the comments.

And yes, the idea of Colossus and a Raspberry Pi in the same room gives us horrible vertigo.