Fedora remix download delayed by a couple of days

We’ve just had a message in the Fedora thread on our forum from Chris Tyler, who is leading the team behind the Fedora remix for Raspberry Pi. The whole thread is worth a read; Chris has been giving lots of detail on what’s going on at Seneca College, where the work is being done, for a while now. I’ve asked Chris if it’s OK to copy his latest post here, because it’s all about what you’ll be downloading in a couple of days. So without further ado, I’ll hand over to him:

The last few days have been very exciting and exhausting for both me and the ARM team here at Seneca!

We chose today for the release event in order to get it out before the hardware was released, and before our midsemester break next week when our local celebrants would be away. The plan was to do some final release docs and signing over the weekend and then have a fun but simple celebration where we could tell the local community about what we’d been doing.

Things haven’t unfolded quite the way I’d envisioned — first, the event took on a life of its own, and second, I spent the weekend violently ill and with a fever, both of which consumed a lot of unexpected time and energy. I’ve also become aware of just how large and active the Raspberry Pi community is as we’ve watched the first SD card image get massive attention, and the short video that VideoSeneca posted on YouTube received over 60K hits in about 36 hours, and it’s obvious that my traffic estimates for the release were naive.

All this to say: we’re proceeding with the event today, and I’m especially looking forward to talking to the high school students, teachers, school principals, school board technologists, as well as the local hackers/makers and Seneca students and faculty who will be attending. We’re going to focus on enjoying the event today, and then over the next couple of days wrap up a couple of remaining issues with the release, sort the bandwidth issues (watch for a call for help with that tomorrow morning), and write up some good notes with details on the Remix, the installer, and future plans.

Thanks for your patience with this process and the teething pains, and if you’re in the Toronto area this afternoon, please come on by!