Farnell at Electronica

RS weren’t the only people with Pis at Electronica: Farnell were there too, so we had representation from 100% of our core distributors. Pete Lomas (you should know who Pete is by now) and Gert (ditto) were there with them, and took the time to give some interviews to our good Farnell buddy Mike Powell. Here’s Pete:

Gert’s had a haircut! (And has some interesting stuff to say about the pre-built Gertboard…)

There’s more from Gert at Eetimes – it’s in an unembeddable format, so you’ll have to click through.

Andrew Robinson from Manchester University, who is behind the group making the Pi-Face breakout board was in attendance too:

And there was a Pi-powered talking chicken.

I’m *so* going to have to try to make next year’s event.