Factory pictures from South Wales

A very quick set of photos taken this morning at the Sony factory in Pencoed, Wales, where Raspberry Pis are being built at a rate of around 2500 a day. Pete, Eben, Mike from Farnell and I were visiting the factory to celebrate its 20th anniversary (and the 40th anniversary of Sony in Wales). This is a bit quick and dirty – these were taken with my phone. We’ll have some nicer photos and some video of the line, the automated processes and some pictures of the whole team to show you later on, but I know a lot of you were waiting to see these today: so here they are!

Final visual check and packing

Gail, doing a final visual check and packing the units into antistatic bags for shipment.


Joanne and Pam, working on final testing


Hand mount

Some of the larger parts are hand-mounted. Ricky is checking and soldering here.


Panellised Raspberry Pis

The Raspberry Pis are produced in panels of six. This is Jane, who is very gamely posing for a picture for me.

Eben looks up an old friend

Up periscope!

Highly magnified side view of the PoP stack, moments after exiting the oven. Note the difference in ball pitch between the RAM (top layer), and the BCM2835 processor chip (bottom layer).

Fashion plate Pete Lomas, last heard shouting: “I wish I’d brought my electrostatic clogs!” So do we, Pete. So do we.