We’ve bent to popular demand. A lot of you – particularly our younger readers – have been asking us why we don’t have an official Raspberry Pi Facebook page. The answer has always been one of resource; up until now we simply haven’t had the necessary number of people on the team to put the extra time in that a Facebook presence requires.

We do now. Here’s the brand new Official Raspberry Pi Facebook thing. We hope you like it.

Helen Lynn has been working for us part-time for a while now, dealing devastating hammerblows (with +10 charisma) to trademark infringers and patent trolls. That role’s now being handled by the most excellent Lorna, while Helen (who is about to have a baby, so please be nice to her so she keeps doing this once she’s popped) has very graciously agreed to add to her hours to manage our Facebook page.

Helen and I go way back; we were bridesmaids at each other’s weddings, have painted one another’s toenails, and have enough dirt on each other to make for a very well-balanced working relationship. Helen is great. She used to live on a boat, and speaks Welsh well enough to win prizes for doing bardic stuff at Eisteddfods. When we are old, we have plans to set up a commune with peacocks in the garden, Indian runner ducks, a collection of antique keyboard instruments hooked up to solenoids, and robots to do the hoovering.

Helen says:

I hope that we can use Raspberry Pi’s Facebook page to talk with

Facebook’s youngest users – the ones who are doing cool stuff with

their Raspberry Pis, and the ones who’ve only just heard about the

device. Most Pi forums are populated largely by adults, often with a

computing or engineering background, and the discussions they have

tend to be different to the sort that young people new to computing

might enjoy. It would be great to maintain the kind of mix where a

school student who has just come across Raspberry Pi can find

conversations they can join in, alongside conversations that will get

them excited about things they could do once they’ve learnt more.


One thing I want to do is to invite submissions for the cover photo

(currently a pretty Creative Commons thing I found) and change that

regularly to help the page look fresh. I want to get FB users sending

stuff that I can write little posts about, but if any readers of the

blog have any images they’d like to see up there for a while (not

necessarily just photos of the Pi – could be anything related to it,

including doodles and jottings), it’d help get the ball rolling.

You heard the lady. Get to it. The content on Facebook will not mirror what’s going on here; so add it to your list of daily reads, use it to find out about more Pi stuff, and please click the like button.