Elastix – VoIP for your Raspberry Pi

Here’s a nice bit of new functionality for your Raspberry Pi: the good folks at Elastix, the open-source unified communications outfit, have developed a new version of Elastix 32 bits, called μElastix, and ported it to the Raspberry Pi. I know a lot of you were clamouring for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) on your Pis (for people confused by the jargon, VoIP is a way of making cheap phone calls over the internet); we’re very pleased that Elastix have thought the Raspberry Pi significant enough that it’s been worth making a new version for the platform.

Of course, it turns out that VoIP isn’t all Elastix can do: here’s a handy diagram explaining what you’ll get. (Asterisk, the bit in the middle, is the call-report interface Elastix is based on):

Elastix is released under the GPLv2. Click on the image to go to a download page, and to learn more. Let us know how you get on!