Submit your application to the Raspberry Pi Education Fund

Got a great idea or project to teach kids about computing?

Need some help raising the finance to make it a reality?

We have some good news: the Raspberry Pi Education Fund is finally open for applications. As a reminder, thanks to all the Raspberry Pis bought by the community over the past 2 years, we have been able to put together a £1 million education fund to help fulfil our charitable mission.

Applications are invited from organisations looking to fund projects that encourage young people to learn about computing or illustrate how computing can be used enhance education in STEM or the creative arts.  You can find more details on the eligibility criteria and submit your application here.


Coding Marathon at the Cambridge Centre of Computing History sponsored by Raspberry Pi Foundation

Go on, what are you waiting for? This is your chance to make a difference.



The girls of the photo seems the “Triplets Pi’s” :D


It appears that projects based outside the UK are eligible (including those being developed by Commonwealth cousins and those in other naughty former colonies ;) and just wanted to get that Out There. Stand by for incoming from the Best Coast! :D

The education fund, Picademy, education team and other ambassador travel, Model B+, Compute Module and I/O development board … at this rate, even if every bugger on the planet (including the actual bugs!) buys a Pi product, Eben still won’t be able to buy a Maserati/Ferrari/Lamborghini/etc. ;)

Keep up the great work!!!

P.S.: Yes, I’m still alive as the newly-minted engineering design, robotics, Certified Cisco Network Admin, automotive tech, and ocean sciences teacher and curriculum developer for our district here in Sea Otter Country!


Brilliant – looking forward to reading your application!


Hi, is there an end date for applications for funding? Would be great if I could save/edit an application.


I know as individuals we are not able to apply for this. We are a low income home educating family and anything computer related seems to be the only thing that interests my son, who also has SEN. After hours of searching I have discovered the Cambridge GCSE computing MOOC which looks fantastic. Knowing nothing about computers however I wondered if someone could let me know exactly what I will need in the way of Raspberry Pi equipment for him to do this course online. Many thanks



I am developing CAD (Computer Aided Design) software for past 8 years. I realized that there are no 3D viewers available on the Raspberry Pi store.

I believe to be able to view 3D files is a critical aspect in making Raspberry Pi an outstanding educational tool, especially for those children interested in STEM field.

I am very interested in developing a 3D viewer for Raspberry Pi where you can view 2D/3D engineering drawing files in STL format (used widely for 3D printing), OBJ, SketchUp ( , DXF, DWG etc.

Can I apply for funds for such a project?

Thank you!
-Prasad Dixit

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