Eben’s desk

Lifehacker readers will have spotted that yesterday’s “This is How I Work” came to you from Eben’s unusually tidy desk. (He’d swept his enormous pile of papers, dust and mugs onto the floor before taking the picture, to join the old cycling shorts and the box of old copies of Retro Gamer.) A couple of you emailed us to ask if there was a higher-resolution picture of the desk than the one Lifehacker used, because you were curious about what the books at the back were.

Eben’s desk. Click to embiggen.

So here’s a higher-res picture – still not great, for which you’ll have to blame that Blackberry that he mentions in the Lifehacker interview – just for CSC and David. And I can confirm that the desktop selection of books was not added to, nor were any books removed, for the photograph. Which gives you a horrible window into the state of Eben’s soul. I’ll leave it to you to identify them in the comments, because it’s fun; if you get stuck on one, I’ll add to this post later.