East Coast Americans: come and meet Eben and Liz in NY, NC, SC and FL!

Next week, Eben and I are undertaking a somewhat epic drive to visit a few US hackspaces which got missed out on Rob’s hackspace tour. (Rob, we believe, is currently somewhere around Washington DC, and very sleepy.) We’ve work to do here in New York and Maker Faire to visit over the next few days, then we’re off to Washington DC ourselves for more meetings. Then we’ll be driving south with the specific intention of visiting some of you who complained you were being ignored by Rob’s schedule.

I’ve had several emails from parents this week asking if hackspaces, maker labs and the like are suitable environments for children. The answer to that is an emphatic YES. Please bring your kids; these are great places to learn in a really engaging, non-structured way, and are very child-friendly.

People in the Midwest, the Pacific Northwest, the Gulf Coast and…everywhere else – please don’t panic. We will get to you, hopefully pretty soon. We’re under-resourced and this country of yours is enormous; we’re working at getting to as many places as we can. And yes, Europe; we’ll be visiting you soon too.

New York

We will be visiting Maker Faire at the New York Hall of Science on Saturday 29 September. We’ll be there all day, and a (finite) number of Raspberry Pis will be on sale in the Make Shed. Eben is speaking on the Live Stage (I believe he’s cooked up some new material!) at 12.30. We don’t have a stand this year; instead we’ll be wandering around. I’ll try to tweet occasionally about where we are if you want to come and say hi; we look forward to meeting some more of you!

Charlotte, NC

On Wednesday October 3, we’ll be visiting Hackerspace Charlotte at 7pm for a talk about the Raspberry Pi project and a poke around your projects. It’s best (as with all of these events) if you contact the Hackerspace before coming to let them know you’ll be turning up, but they can handle walk-ins.

Columbia, SC

Eben is lecturing at the OpenITLab at IT-ology in Columbia at 2pm on Thursday October 4. The lecture’s free to attend for the public, but you’ll have to register – you can do so here.

Charleston, SC

We’ll be visiting Makelab Charleston at 5.30pm on Thursday October 4. Please visit this link to sign up for free, as tickets are limited.

Longwood/Orlando, FL

On October 5 we’ll be at FamiLAB in Longwood at 7pm. If you’d like to come, please sign up for free. On Saturday September 29, FamiLAB are holding a Raspberry Pi hacking day, so if you’d like to get some work done on your project before we roll up later in the week, then’s your chance!