Do more with your #PiZero in The MagPi 42

Hi there, Rob from The MagPi again! It’s been a couple of months since we launched issue 40 with the Raspberry Pi Zero attached to the front of it. Since then we’ve seen some excellent projects flying around the internet as you all figure out amazing uses for the tiny Pi.

This picture doesn't do the cover justice, it's lurvly

This picture doesn’t do the cover justice, it’s luverly

To inspire you to do more we’ve put together another feature in The MagPi 42 of Raspberry Pi Zero projects. From useful things like adding a reset switch to more advanced projects to aspire to like a retro games console located entirely inside a SNES controller, there’s projects for everyone to have a go with.

#42 Cover Feature

Do more with your Raspberry Pi Zero with issue 42

As well as these #PiZero projects we also have a feature on the ten best HATs for your Raspberry Pi. Can’t find a HAT you like? Then we also have a tutorial on how to make your very own HAT. Here are some other highlights from this issue:

Highlights from issue 42:

  • Build a binary clock!
    A fun Sense HAT project involving a different style of telling the time
  • 4Borg reviewed
    We look at the new robot kit from the robo-masters over at PiBorg
  • Astro Pi
    What’s happened over the last month as Pi’s are sent to space
  • #PiZero Quadcopter
    We talk to the creator of Zoe the Zero, the first Zero-powered drone
  • And much, much more!

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