Diddyborg metal edition

We had some special visitors at Pi Towers a few weeks ago: the PiBorg folks, makers of some pretty terrifying Pi-based robots. Here’s Eben, charging off into the sunset on their largest robot.

We made sure he got off before it did this.

We love PiBorg’s robots. They’re totally uncompromising, the build quality is something else (these little guys are as solid as a dalek’s six-pack), and they’re ultra-controllable, with six independent motors.


DiddyBorg Metal Edition is made in a limited run of forty, with bigger motors, bigger batteries and more power than the regular Diddyborg. (And more metal. Did we mention the metal?) It can climb 45º slopes, tow smaller objects, and you can steer it like a tank. I love this thing. Its superpowers include:

  • Autonomous ball following
  • Autonomous Recon run
  • 6 axis Playstation 3 remote control (bluetooth module required)
  • Controlling via other computers on a network

Here’s Eben again, this time using a DiddyBorg Metal Edition in a domestic setting.

If DiddyBorg Metal Edition is outside your price bracket, PiBorg also have a range of other robots, and everything you need to build your own, all the way from motor controllers to soldering irons. Check out their store; it’s the sort of place that’ll give you ideas.

PiBorg shot a very metal DiddyBorg Metal Edition video to accompany the release of their limited run. Enjoy!