Crowdsourcing new Tips of the Day

One of the changes you’ll have noticed with our new site design is the addition of the Tip of the Day at the top of the home page. We’ve got enough tips to avoid having to cycle for a month or so at the moment – but we want more! This is where you come in.

We’re looking for a selection of useful hints and tips for using your Pi, which will always be the main focus of the Tip of the Day; but we’d also like to be able to include a few tips on…whatever you fancy, just every now and then. Got a one-sentence recipe for killer cheese on toast? A foolproof method for organising your inbox? A quotation that you think is life-changing? (At least as life-changing as killer cheese on toast, at any rate.) A neat idea for tidying cables? An elegant way to clear the sinuses? We want to share your tips with the readers of this site. Submissions, which should be short and snappy, in the comments please – and remember that you’re most likely to have yours picked if it’s a) something Pi-related or b) shocks us with its off-topic brilliance.