CNN clip

As promised, here’s the full version of the short news item CNN carried on the Quest Means Business Christmas show earlier this week.

We’ve had a great time with a couple of crews from CNN this year. We met Adam shortly after launch, and knew he had a Pi on order. He’s the guy who was demonstrating how the Pi works in the studio for Quest Means Business, and he wrote a bit about his experiences with the Raspberry Pi on CNN’s website too. He says:

Only after I got my hands on one did I realize how useful the little thing actually is. At first I was excited about using it as an introduction to Linux and to refresh my dormant programming skills. It was only after I put some media software on it that it really became part of the furniture.


My Raspberry Pi, in its Top Trumps card box finery gets used almost every day now. It has infiltrated the living room in a way that a tablet, Apple TV, laptop, or even the smallest PC never could.


Just like the Acorn Electron computer I had when I was five, it’s silent. That’s probably where the similarities end. For starters, the Pi is just 1/25th the price of my Acorn when adjusted for inflation. It can run without a keyboard or a mouse using just my regular TV remote control, and it can play any music or full HD video file I throw at it.


I’ve set this little wonder to play media from TV catchup services, the computer in my bedroom, the DVD drive in the computer in my bedroom, my smartphone and even the downloads on my flatmate’s PC.

You can read more on CNN. Thanks very much for having the patience to spend all that time last month filming us garbling the things we meant to say, and waiting until we got it right, CNN people – we really appreciate it!