Chocolate Joy Jacket

A quick post today: I’m in Cardiff with Lorna, who you may have spoken to if you’ve ever emailed our [email protected] address or wanted to talk about copyright with us. Lorna’s going on maternity leave shortly. We all wish her a fantastic time away from Raspberry Pi – but we can’t wait to have her back!

Today’s project is one of the most involved wearables implementations of the Raspberry Pi we’ve seen so far. Creative Technology Consultants Hirsch & Mann were asked by Cadbury’s to create something to communicate just how great chocolate is (not hard), and to amplify the enjoyment of eating chocolate (harder). Enter the Cadbury Joy Jacket.

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Pi-powered and Arduino-assisted, the jacket talks to the wearer to insidiously suggest the eating of chocolate, and detects nibbling with a camera in the collar. Here are the team at Hirsch and Mann to explain how it works and demo the jacket in use.

There is also confetti.

Diary note to self: organise chocolatey business tie-in.