Camera board documentation

James Hughes, last seen at the helm of a VW Camper Van heading for Dorset, has been sweating over comprehensive documentation for the Raspberry Pi camera board for some weeks now. You can download the pdf here. It’s worth printing it off; there’s a lot of meat in there. We’ll be linking to this and other useful Pi documentation in a sticky post at the top of each board in the forums in the near future.

Clive and I (plus lots of coffee, a salad from the cafe across the road and a bench power supply) compete for Most Keanu-y rotoscopiness, using the camera’s built-in Sketch effect. Click to for the documentation to find out how to produce something like this yourself.

You’ll find examples, troubleshooting tips, full lists of available options, effects and modes, and much more in the pdf.

We got a bit effects-happy this afternoon. This is, in fact, me, and not someone in the mask from Scream, taken using the camera’s onboard gpen effect (we should probably have worked on adjusting the exposure a bit too, but we were in a hurry). Click to download the camera documentation.

We’ll be updating the documentation with more information as the software evolves. Look out for James’ piece in August’s MagPi (which should be released later in the week) to find out more about advanced use of the camera.

A spot of housekeeping: I’m off on my summer holidays tomorrow. Clive will be babysitting the blog. Please be nice to him. Toodlepip!