Build your own mobile Pi-to-go

Over in Austin, Texas, Nathan Morgan has managed to stay distracted from the barbecue, waterskiing, sunshine and live music (Austin’s one of my favourite cities – I have no idea how anyone who lives there manages to focus on anything) for long enough to turn a Raspberry Pi into a natty little mobile computer, complete with screen and keyboard, 64GB SSD, bluetooth and wireless. There’s an integral touchpad, mounted with the LCD screen in a 3D printed case, in which batteries enough for ten hours of uptime, a powered hub and the Pi are hidden. In essence, what Nathan’s made here is a really, really tiny Linux laptop.

Raspbian running on mobile Pi

Nathan comes to this from a career repairing and refurbing Dell laptops; he’s got a lot of experience in portable computing and how things fit together cleanly. This project is a really slick, professional-looking piece of work, and we’re very grateful to him for making all the information necessary to make your own available to the community. He’s published a complete how-to guide, including a priced parts list, 3D printer SDL files so you can make a case, and a schematic diagram, so you can build your own.

Pi to go case open: storage, Pi, dongles

Head over to Nathan’s blog for instructions and more photographs (or just click on the pictures here). Let us know if you decide to make your own Pi-to-go as a Christmas holiday project!