Biz’s LEGO case: buy parts!

The Daily Brick have released their first custom LEGO kit: it’s all the bricks you need to make Biz’s Raspberry Pi case (£9.95). You might remember Biz; she’s an 12-year-old Scout, a roboticist and a fan of Raspberry Pi. Her case was really popular here – I know a lot of you have made one already from LEGO you had at home – and was written about online in places like MakeZine and The Register. (We’re impressed; we had to work for six years before The Register paid any attention to us.)

Click to visit The Daily Brick.

I’ve spoken to Biz’s Dad, who says that Biz has chosen to be remunerated by The Daily Brick in LEGO. So if you want to see Biz’s collection grow, and don’t have the pieces you need to make the case at home already, please head over and order. Well done Biz, and thanks, Daily Brick guys!