BeetBox – music employing capacitive touch, root veg and a Pi

This has to win Liz’s Project of the Year Award (there is no prize).

Regular readers will know that I go all wibbly over music projects that use the Raspberry Pi. And that I’m a very keen cook. What festive joy, then, to find a link to BeetBox in my Twitter stream. This project, from Scott Garner, wires up some root vegetables to a Pi (hidden, alongside an amp and speakers, in what I am going to call the beetroot mount – a lovely thing handmade from poplar wood) and seduces you into…touching them, to make sweet, sweet music.

BeetBox Demo from Scott Garner on Vimeo.

Seriously – is this not the best thing ever? You can read more about it on Scott’s website, where there’s more video; and you can find code to bring joy into the contents of your own fridge’s crisper drawer at Github.

Come on, folks. Next, we want to see a carrot piano.