Barnes & Noble Mini Maker Faire Recap

Last weekend, we were proud to take part in the first ever Barnes & Noble Mini Maker Faire. In the United States, pretty much everyone has a Barnes & Noble Booksellers nearby, so it was a fantastic opportunity to spread the word about what we do. We hope that Barnes & Noble can continue to be a meeting place for our community.

I want to thank our volunteers who went to their local B&N to share what they do with Raspberry Pi: Robert, Chris, Jordan, Chad, Don, Kellyn, Ethan, Ron, Dustin, Cody, Taryn, Gavin, Trevor, Chris, Jim, Hal, Rex, and Brent. We’re so fortunate to have such a dedicated community and we are deeply grateful that you’re a part of it.

Here are a few photos from the event, collected from social media:

Raspberry Pi on Twitter

Volunteer Pi evangelists for #BNMakerFaire are in the @nytimes this today! More info here: …

Kids rule circuitry #bnmakerfaire #craftlakecity #makerfaire

“Kids rule circuitry #bnmakerfaire #craftlakecity #makerfaire”

Raspberry Pi on Twitter

What a great crowd learning about Raspberry Pi at #BNMakerFaire. Thanks for having us, @BNBuzz and @makerfaire!

PCs for Me on Twitter

Ready to roll at B&N! @Raspberry_Pi @BNBuzz #RaspberryPi #BNMakerFaire

Gavin on Twitter

Day 1 so excited! Barnes and Noble Mini Maker Faire! @Raspberry_Pi @BNBuzz

Raspberry Pi Jam @ Barnes and Noble Make…

Raspberry Pi Jam @ Barnes and Noble Maker Faire

Javon @ Barnes & Noble Maker Faire @raspberrypifoundation #bnmakerfaire

“Javon @ Barnes & Noble Maker Faire @raspberrypifoundation #bnmakerfaire”

It looks like this year’s Barnes & Noble Mini Maker Faire could be the first of many. We hope we’ll see you at next year’s event!