Did you get an August date from element14? Don’t panic!

We got this mail late last night from the guys at element14’s head office – it’s of relevance to those of you who got a very discouraging delivery update yesterday from Newark.

We’d like to apologise to all customers who placed orders with Newark element14 and  have seen their acknowledged delivery date suddenly change on our website’s order backlog to August 2012.

At present, as already communicated by Raspberry Pi,  all deliveries are  on hold awaiting the outcome of the compliance testing currently taking place.

To avoid misleading people while the compliance testing takes place, our system auto-generated the August date, which has clearly caused confusion. We’re sorry!

We can absolutely commit that our orders will be shipped in the order they were originally received and that no-one has lost their place in the ‘queue’ as a result of this latest change.

Once the compliance testing is complete we will then have a clearer idea about our future deliveries and we will confirm accurate delivery dates  to our many thousands of customers.

Apologies again for any  confusion this action has caused. We firmly believe delivery  will be much sooner than August.

Newark element14