Another element14/Premier Farnell/Newark update

As you may have seen on our forums and elsewhere on the web, element14 customers have been getting delivery date emails today. Jenny has sent us this, to let you know what’s going on if your email hasn’t dropped into your inbox yet:

Delivery update from element14

We’re excited to report that our next shipment of 4,000 Raspberry Pi’s has now left our manufacturers in Asia and will be on their way to customers next week! We have a further 12,000 due to  arrive with us by the third week of May and regular volume shipments thereafter .

By early next week all 110,000 customers who have ordered with element14, wherever they are in the world, will receive a confirmed delivery date ( which, as previously communicated, will be no later than the end of June for those who ordered before April 18th) .

Also, over the next 5 days, we will invite the 70,000  hopeful customers  who have already registered their interest in the Raspberry Pi to place their orders, with delivery expected in July/August, dependent on the place of that order in the queue.

New registrations of interest received from today will now need to wait a little longer for their confirmation until we have updated production and delivery information from our manufacturers. This is to avoid confusion and ensure that we are able to give new customers accurate delivery information when they place their orders. 

Thank you again for your patience – with volume manufacture now well underway we hope that we will shortly be able to lift the “one per customer” order limitation on new orders also and will communicate as soon as we are able to do so.

Keep updated with the latest developments here at Raspberry Pi or via the element14 community at

Best wishes

Jenny and the element14 team