And the unboxings begin…

17.30, April 17: A lot of people are now posting their own first startup and unboxing pictures and videos in this thread on our forums – please drop by and join in!

There are unboxing pictures and videos all over the place at the moment, now some lucky folk’s Raspberry Pis have turned up on the doorstep. I’ve chosen a few at random, along with a couple of pictures of what people have been doing with their Raspberry Pi in the first few hours they’ve been running them. Now, I know some of you are driven mad with jealousy by these, if what you were saying on Twitter yesterday is anything to go by. So this will be our only unboxings post – make the most of it, everybody else!

First up, video from Tec Team Ltd. The game of rugby they play with the box at the start had me feeling queasy – thank God (or, alternatively, the good people at element14) for the padded packaging.

Alex Rathbone has Legends of Yore running on his Raspi already

101blog has a post-unboxing video and a desk that’s even messier than mine.

Simon Owen had SimCoupe, a SAM Coupe emulator, running on his Raspberry Pi within a very short time of getting his hands on it.

Some more unboxing on Tumblr (unembeddable, so you’ll have to follow the link to watch the video).

An unboxing picture set on Facebook.

A post from, a Raspberry Pi fansite.

And here are our very own Liam’s unboxing pics (which are really rather good, especially the one with the unmade bed in the background). ;)

On Twitter, @hobbsy discovers his Raspberry Pi will not fit in an Altoids tin. A chorus of "Didn't you read the FAQ?" ensues.