Americans! Want a visit from Eben at your hackspace next week?

Eben is doing some work on the west coast of the US until Wednesday, then he’s at a loose end before flying out to NYC on Saturday morning. He’s decided he’d like to fill those two days visiting bits of the country we’ve not been to before with Raspberry Pi, so we’re looking for folks at hackspaces who might want him to drop by to give a talk on one of those days.

If you’re a member of a hackspace somewhere we’ve not passed through before – somewhere on the top and bottom edges of the country, or in the middle bits – and you’d like a visit next week, please let us know in the comments below. Internal flights haven’t been booked yet, so let us know where you are and we’ll pick a couple of towns to come and visit.

If you want to see what it’s all about, here’s a bit of video from last year’s hackspace tour of the East Coast, filmed by the Orlando Sentinel.

“Why hackspaces, Liz? What about schools?” We’ve found that every hackspace we’ve visited so far has had several enthusiastic teachers in attendance already, and it’s exactly that sort of person who can best communicate to other teachers what can be done in a classroom with a Pi. We’ve also found that there’s almost always someone from a local university CS, engineering or media department there too – we can reach a much wider audience of educators this way. These are places where parents and kids congregate; exactly the sort of crowd we like to talk to. And we don’t believe education stops at age 18: electronics hacking is for everyone. Get to it in the comments!